Jan Szczepkowski, Monika Marchewka, Paulina Karpowicz, Piotr Szczur, Wojciech Pietrasz

Organizers: BWA Galeria Sanocka i Fundacja 2 wymiary | Location: Rynek 14, Sanok | Opening: 25.03 (sobota) godzina 18:00 wystawa trwa do 21.04.2017 r.

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100x100cm olej-płótno 2015

WThe exhibition Into the woods. Neoromantics towards Nature inaugurates the activity of the Foundation for the Promotion of Polish Painters 2 Dimensions. It is the first in the cycle of individual and group exhibitions, curated by the Foundation.. During the successive exhibitions in different Polish towns we will present to you the works of artists who combine in their work an attachment to the excellent, traditional painter’s workshop with the striving to pass on emotions by means of a canvas.

During the second presentation of the exhibition ”Further into the woods. Neoromantics vis-a-vis Nature”, this time in the Warsaw gallery Stacja Muranów, we will present to you the canvases of five artists, for whom nature is an important point of reference in their work as painters. In the canvases by Paulina Karpowicz, Monika Marchewka, Wojciech Pietrasz, Jan Szczepkowski and Piotr Szczur we will find extremely personal and therefore different visions of what nature is and who we are in relation to it. It is a picturesque but destructive power in which one can give oneself to internal emigration, a source of life and sexual drive, a reflection of our emotional states, a habitat from which mankind derives. the artists presented do not look at the world of nature using scientific methods, but, as befits contemporary romantics, with their heart, through the prism of their own emotions.