Jan Szczepkowski

Organizers: Fundacja 2 wymiary i Pragaleria | Location: Pragaleria, ul. Stalowa 3, Warszawa | Opening: 29.09.2017, godz.18:00

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Still Curtain

180×180 cm, oil on canvas, 2017


Foundation 2 dimensions and Pragaleria have the pleasure to extend an invitation to an exhibition of Jan Szczepkowski’s paintings, entitled “Still Curtain”. The Foundation is the curator of the exhibition. During the successive exhibitions the Foundation presents works of artists who combine in their work an attachment to the excellent, traditional painter’s workshop with the striving to pass on emotions by means of a picture.This time the exhibition will be shown in the interiors of Pragaleria, a Warsaw gallery of contemporary art which co-organizes the event.

“Still Curtain” is the title of the newest, monumental cycle of Jan Szczepkowski’s paintings. It is an unusual collection, because it heralds a transfer of the artist’s interest onto new areas of life and art. Jan Szczepkowski has already accustomed the viewer to the fact that he plays the part of a romantic creator bringing to life, on the surface of the canvas, worlds imbued with eroticism, full of piled up objects and hidden meanings. The artist’s newest paintings are filled with hermetic symbolism and numerous references to history, tradition, philosophy and history of art. However, unseen hitherto auto-thematism appears in them. The omnipresent eroticism, present until now, manifests itself now only marginally and in stage directions. In his newest cycle, Jan Szczepkowski reflects on the place, role and mission of the artist in the modern world. Philosophers, Pianists, Aristocrats of Thought, Poets and Astronomers – the representatives of contemporary Artes Liberales, gallop on headless horses and the goal of their journey remains a puzzle. Thinkers with a stoical frame of mind, geniuses who create new reality with the work of their minds and hands – they are all helpless when the current of history carries them. Fate is blind. Like all of us, they play their parts in the World Theatre and they will never get to know the complete screenplay. The stage and the audience, the real world and the world created remain separated by the thickly draped, slightly and invitingly open, the “Still Curtain”.