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Our mission

The “Two Dimensions” foundation was established in Warsaw in 2017. Its main purpose is to promote and foster the works of artists who combine dedication to excellent, classical painting skills and the desire to convey emotions on canvas. All artists recommended by the foundation stand as evidence that the language of painting has never forfeited its universal character, the ability to comment on the contemporary world and to present today’s message. Throughout the centuries, painting has always been the art closest to man, his emotions and concerns.

One of the most important activities of the foundation is organizing and curating individual and collective exhibitions to be presented in different towns and cities across Poland and abroad.

The foundation pays special attention to young artists, students and graduates of art academies. It is planning to run scholarship programs, organize painting competitions, plein air workshops and collective exhibitions in order to help young painters begin their adult artistic life and find their place in the Polish art environment.

Members of the Two Dimensions foundation promote knowledge of art, in particular painting, in their publishing activities, through articles, catalogues and social media, as well as through cooperation with the press, radio and television. From the very beginning the foundation has aimed to become a platform for dialogue, a meeting ground for artists and their audience: not only collectors and connoisseurs but also those just learning about the pleasures of being close to art.