Art historians, managers, financiers, lawyers – one thing unites us: love of art and the desire to promote young Polish artists.








Chairman of the Board


Art historian, curator of exhibitions. He studied art history at the University of Warsaw and defended his master’s thesis in 2014. Although he specialised in early mediaeval art, his professional life is centred around contemporary painting. Since 2014 he has been active in the area of the Polish art market. and has collaborated with several galleries specialising in the sale and promotion of painting. Presently he is artistic director of the Warsaw gallery Pragaleria and curator of individual and group exhibitions of Polish artists. Author of numerous texts for exhibition catalogues. He regularly publishes articles recommending the best Polish painters in the Arteon art magazine. In painting he looks, above all. for the ability to convey and evoke emotions, for mystery, understatement and excellent workshop. The main challenges the foundation faces are, according to him, the promotion of artists with an honest and sincere creative attitude for whom the questions of workshop and the emotional impact of the work are important, as well as reclaiming the place of traditional painting in the space of culture, social education and the creation of an alternative for the recipients of culture who wish to connect with the medium of painting.









Member of the Board





Founder, Chairman of the Foundation’s Council


A lawyer by education, a manager by profession. For the last 25 years involved with the domain of insurances in Poland. In recent years he was Managing Director at TUiR Warta S.A., and then the Chairman of the Board of the Insurance Company Euler Hermes S.A. Presently he is the Chairman of the Board of the DAS Legal Protection Insurance Company S.A. Although one of his ancestors was the painter Stanisław Hiszpański and the graphic artist Maria Hiszpańska – Neumann did not inherit a talent for drawing. On the other hand, his love for art and figurative painting was one of the reasons of his becoming a Sponsor and Chairman of the Council of the Foundation of the Promotion of Polish Painters, 2 dimensions. Although as a financier he admits that in present times buying works of art. may be an attractive alternative to the traditional investment instruments, he does so solely for pleasure and buys pictures out of passion and not calculations in Excel.




Member of the Foundation’s Council


Varsovian by birth, financial manager by education, working in an international law firm, and by passion and her own choice a seeker of beauty. “The contact with art is for me like a child’s search for bits of amber on a beach. I can endlessly look at artists’ work, get to know their inspirations, discover similarities to old masters. Painting is for me getting to know a person through their work and asking myself ‘Why so?’ I want the Foundation to be a place where we support young people who can ‘talk’ to the recipients and who are just waiting to be discovered and marvelled at. It is the Foundation’s objective to promote talent, make it believe in itself and soar. “I dream of finding and promoting more great Polish artists who will enchant the whole painting world”.



Member of the Foundation’s Council[at]

A graduate in economics at the University of Lund, Sweden. Ha has vast experience as a manager in international firms specialising in education and tourism.. A lover and collector of modern art for many years. The contact with artists and art is for him the condition of personal development and a chance for a better future. Through his activity in the Foundation he wishes to help young talent and contribute to creating better conditions for the development of the Polish artists’ creativity.